generalised additive model

generalised additive model
= generalized additive model; GAM
French\ \ modèle additif généralisé,
German\ \ verallgemeinertes additives Modell; GAM
Dutch\ \ gegeneraliseerd additief model
Italian\ \ modello additivo generalizzata
Spanish\ \ modelo additivo generalizada
Catalan\ \ model additiu generalitzat
Portuguese\ \ modelo aditivo generalizado; GAM
Romanian\ \ -
Danish\ \ generaliseret additiv model
Norwegian\ \ -
Swedish\ \ generaliserad additiv modell
Greek\ \ γενικευμένο προσθετικό μοντέλο
Finnish\ \ yleistetty additiivinen (lineaarinen) malli
Hungarian\ \ -
Turkish\ \ genelleştirilmiş toplamsal model; genelleştirilmiş toplamsal model; GAM veya GTM
Estonian\ \ -
Lithuanian\ \ -
Slovenian\ \ -
Polish\ \ uogólniony model addytywny
Russian\ \ обобщенная аддитивная модель
Ukrainian\ \ узагальнена адитивна модель
Serbian\ \ -
Icelandic\ \ almenn aukefni líkan
Euskara\ \ orokortu gehigarri eredua; orokortua gehigarri eredua
Farsi\ \ -
Persian-Farsi\ \ مدل جمعي تعميم‌يافته
Arabic\ \ نموذج التجميع المعمم GAM
Afrikaans\ \ veralgemeende additiewe model
Chinese\ \ -
Korean\ \ 일반화가법모형

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